blue cheese dressing

Here’s a real "salad bar style" blue cheese dressing that works alongside a burger, with beets or on an iceberg wedge. I made some chicken burgers recently that were delicious only because they had minced Nueske bacon throughout and a lot of this dressing on top.

1 minced shallot (2 Tbs.)

red wine vinegar just to barely cover the shallots

¾ c buttermilk

½ c mayo

½ c sour cream

up to ⅓ pound blue cheese (I usually use Societé Roquefort)

lots of black pepper

Macerate shallots in vinegar for a few minutes. Add buttermilk, then mayo, and sour cream. Whisk to combine. Add the blue cheese and mix it in, smushing it as you mix. Finish with black pepper to taste.