About Us

Farm to Curb (Sam Brenzel, Aliza Miner and Mel Canlas—Corina Weibel is now in Italy!) began on April 1, 2020, in an effort to help the farmers we know and love through the pandemic. When the restaurants they supplied were closed, the idea was to distribute their produce to a few friends and neighbors.
We put a lot of thought into what went into each week’s produce box, along with a good bit of love and care—and our friends told their friends…and, even in the middle of a quarantine, we met many new neighbors—who, as it turned out, were quite hungry. So, we started selling meat and fish, cheese and pantry items. And as the pandemic dragged on, talented chefs whose restaurants had closed—started offering their scratch-cooked prepared foods. 
Our weekly menus are meant to be a foundation for your week’s meals: prepared foods and pantry items are carefully coordinated with that week’s produce box, so it all works as a whole. Aliza describes all menu items pretty thoroughly, and offers suggestions and recipes about how to combine them.  
Farm to Curb is also committed to donating fresh produce and prepared foods to our local food pantry every week. What started by a few friends and neighbors as a labor of love in a moment of need—has become for us a great source of structure, purpose, social and family connection and, of course, better food. We hope what we provide brings you joy as well.