foraging wild fennel

From Corina Weibel from when she was doing Farm to Curb and walking the Silverlake hills, before she moved to Sicily...

probably like many of us you are walking aimlessly around your neighborhood thinking about what to make for dinner next… we are lucky we have such a lovely environment to walk in… have you noticed… wild fennel is everywhere. and although it does not bulb like domestic fennel it certainly has its uses. blanch it… chop it up, sauté it in olive oil with a bit of chili and garlic and toss with with pasta, sardines, currants, and pine nuts… it will take you to the fragrant hills of Sicily.

pick the fronds and toss them in your salad

marinate your chicken or fish with torn fennel fronds

cut it down, let it dry, and throw it on hot coals to flavor your bbq 

has it flowered???? if so, then we are talking fennel pollen… a highly regarded seasoning.

pork… porchetta…

roast chicken

pork sausage

cut the flowering fennel, make a posy for your table, as it drys out… taste it, save it.

use it sparingly… your secret ingredient.