Corina's dandelion salad

This salad was served at Canele. It is pungent and strong and delicious. Here is Corina's recipe:

1 bunch trimmed and washed dandelion
2 stalks of celery sliced thin on the bias
1/2 red onion sliced thin along its axis
a ton of parsley leaves
1/2 a ton of celery leaves
sliced garlic
house made torn croutons - please
shaved parmesan

mix all of the above in a bowl except the parmesan

1 garlic cloves
2 anchovy filets
sherry vinegar
good extra virgin olive oil
salt (flor de sal) and pepper

in a mortar and pestle mash the garlic and anchovy to a paste.  whisk in vinegar, then olive oil.  taste for balance.

toss the salad in the vinaigrette and then garnish with shaved parmesan

MAYBE… you don’t want to eat dandelion in a salad…. all the above ingredients translate beautifully into a tasty pasta dish.

get the water going for the pasta (don’t forget to salt it) — and in the meantime …

from the bottom up…
saute garlic in olive oil
add anchovy
shake in some chili flakes
add a splash of vinegar.. or lemon juice

(your water is probably boiling by now so get the pasta in there)

to the pan...
add more sliced garlic - sweat it out
add sliced celery - saute
add sliced red onion - sauté
drop in the clean roughly hand ripped dandelion leaves
let them wilt
add some capers
add the perfectly cooked pasta
toss in a generous amount or parmesan (grated or shaved)
toss in the parsley leaves, celery leaves, a squeeze of lemon


sprinkle with bread crumbs

does that make sense?!?!?!