It’s time for some Latin favorites. Most of these offerings can be frozen, and they all make it easy to feed and please a crowd.

Carnitas are back! Pork shoulders are cooked for hours, shredded, and cryovac packed, ready for you to reheat and crisp in a pan. Stuff your carnitas in Tehachapi grain project’s tender Sonora flour tortillas or blue corn tortillas, made with heirloom grains that are nixtamalized, milled and pressed by a fourth generation molinero.

For raw provisions, we’ve got Peads and Barnetts’ chorizo, grass-fed hanger steaks, wild, local swordfish, and organic, semi-boneless half chickens. And to sauce any of these (or the frozen shrimp you might have bought last week), we’ve got our classic green tomatillo salsa, chimichurri and salsa macha. Chimichurri is a bright, herby, Argentinian sauce that’s great on steaks, chicken, fish, roasted potatoes, or black beans. 

This fall, we introduced many of you to Eszett’s salsa macha, and most of you have asked for more. Well, the little gem on Sunset that opened weeks before the world shut down, and weathered the storm for three years, just closed its doors on Monday. But the salsa lives on. Spencer is making another batch for us to enjoy this week, while we wait for his next project. This salsa is a spicy, nutty, smokey chili oil that's the table condiment of Veracruz –a Mexican chili crisp. It’s delicious on steak, added to chicken soup, or mixed with mayo and dolloped on grilled swordfish.

Mel’s making tortilla soup, which you can garnish to your heart's desire. Cilantro, avocado, green cabbage, radishes, and limes will be in the produce box, and you can dollop some crema or salsa macha here too. You’ll need tortilla chips to go with it, so we’ll have “esquisitos chips” from La California, a nearby tortilleria. 

Burritos Las Palmas’s Zacatecan-style burritos are wrapped in Mejorado’s prized flour tortillas and have three different fillings: refried beans and Chihuahua cheese, shredded beef birria, or “con todos” with birria, refried beans, and cheese. 

To stock your freezer and have on hand for breakfast, lunch, or dinner are Delmy’s  pupusas. This week, we’re offering her classic bean and cheese pupusas which come with accompanying salsa and curtido (cabbage slaw), and they’re also great with a drizzle of El Salvadorean crema. This week we also have Delmy's black beans and fried plantains that simply need to be reheated.

Organic blue corn tamales with rajas (roasted poblano peppers, manchego, and queso fresco cheeses) are the product of a delicious collaboration between Tehachapi grain project and Chef Michelle and Company featuring Oaxacan blue dent corn masa and farmers market produce. You can steam and eat them next week or freeze them for later. They’re also delicious topped with our tomatillo salsa.

For something sweet, we have jars of Sam’s favorite dulce de leche from San Ignacio of Argentina. You could easily eat this luscious caramel by the spoonful, but you could also bake with it, spread it on bread or drizzle it on your ice cream. 

And to spice up your Super Bowl beers, we’ve got michelada mix from Burritos La Palma. Just add beer to this spiced tomato juice with lime, and coat the rim of your chilled glass with the accompanying side of seasoned salt. Bottoms up and touch downs!