We’ve been talking about this idea for a while now. Some of you even suggested it.
So we bring you… SAUCES. And things to serve them with.

Some you should eat within a few days, some you can freeze, and some you can leave on your shelf for months. 

These are a few of our favorites –and you can try all of them!

We begin with the idea that a great sauce elevates a meal. Sauces are packed with flavor, and on a night when you’re exhausted and bored with the same old, a good sauce changes the meal –and can lift everyone’s spirits. 

CHICKEN TINGA (heat & serve or freeze)

Not technically a sauce, but definitely saucy. And conveniently ready to heat and serve. Braised, shredded organic chicken in a smoky chipotle tomato sauce, that’s great over rice or tostadas. Or make guisados-style tacos with some natural yellow corn tortillas made fresh for us on Wednesday morning by La Princesita. This family-run tortillaria has been around since 1972 and is the 2022 winner of the KCRW and Gustavo’s Great Tortilla Tournament. 

SHAKSHUKA SAUCE (jarred & shelf-stable)

Keep this in your pantry for an impressive breakfast, lunch, or dinner at a moment’s notice. Bake with eggs and garnish with feta, olives, and herbs. Or use it as a base for Mediterranean stew by adding chickpeas, greens, and winter squash. It’s also great for cooking lamb meatballs or chicken lula balls. Or baking wild shrimp. Whatever you decide, it can’t hurt to have a baguette on hand to scoop and dunk.

ARRABIATA SAUCE (jarred & shelf-stable)

You’ll be glad you have a jar of “angry” tomato sauce that packs a kick from calabrian chili flakes and garlic. Use it instead of marinara (baked pasta, chicken parmesan, etc…), or on days or dishes where you’re craving a little more heat. It’s also a delicious way to simmer shrimp and shellfish. And if you’re aching for a bowl of pasta arrabbiata, instead of penne, try our little tightly twisted tubes of cannolicchi.

WHITE CLAM SAUCE (heat & serve)

For seafood pasta without the hassle of fresh shellfish, this one is loaded with chopped clams, fresh clam juice, garlic, olive oil, and white wine. Try cannolicchi alle vongole rapidamente one night this week. This pasta shape is reminiscent of razor clams, so the sauce and noodle will make a good pair.

THAI-STYLE YELLOW COCONUT CURRY (heat & serve or freeze)

Jason Kim from Forage, who is making this simmer sauce, calls it “kitchen sink curry”, because you can throw anything yummy into it: including our boneless skinless, free-range chicken breasts, wild shrimp and/or vegetables from the produce box. It packs a little heat, and a ton of flavor. And it can be frozen!

PICCATA SAUCE (heat & serve)

Add this classic Italian lemon, white wine, butter, and capers sauce to the pan after searing our chicken breasts; or add local, wild halibut. Or a vegetarian alternative: cauliflower steaks. This is the secret sauce you always wish you have, but never have the time to make.

MOJO SAUCE (eat within the week)

Our version of this Cuban sauce instantly dresses up grilled or roasted meat. Garlic and onions are gently cooked until tender and sweet before being bathed in fresh citrus juices. Spoon it over Peads and Barnetts pork tenderloin, roast free-range chicken thighs, or wild shrimp. Also serve it over rice and black coco beans from Two Peas in a Pod. Though it’s made with a few ingredients you use all the time, it’s refreshingly new and different.

And to sauce your vegetable or grain salads, Mel’s latest dressing, date champagne vinaigrette.