november 17th

This week is loaded with Latin favorites. Most of these offerings can be frozen, and they all make it easy to feed and please a crowd.

We’re thrilled to introduce organic blue corn tamales this week. This is a brand new tehachapi grain project collaboration with Chef Michelle and Company featuring Oaxacan blue dent corn masa and farmers market fillings. They are making us a batch of their roasted poblano chili and cheese tamal and their puebla style chicken mole tamal on Tuesday, so you can steam and eat them next week or freeze them for later.

We’ve got Delmy’s frozen bean and cheese pupusas, which come three to a pack and include sides of salsa and cortido (fermented cabbage slaw.) This is the food I always have on hand for a meal (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) that is never refused. We load them with salsa, cortido, avocado, a fried egg, and a drizzle of El Salvadorean crema, which we are selling as well. The crema would also be great on the velvety black bean soup that Jason Kim from Forage is making for us this week.

Carnitas are back! We’re cooking pork shoulders for hours, shredding, and cryovac packing it so all you need to do is reheat and crisp it in a pan. You can stuff your carnitas in Tehachapi grain project’s tender sonora flour tortillas. We’re also excited to offer La Gloria Foods’ all-natural corn tortillas, made fresh for us on Wednesday morning. This multigenerational tortilla dynasty has been a Boyle Heights institution for 67 years, but their future is in jeopardy. Check out their recent story on KCRW.

To elevate any and everything we’re offering this week, we’ve got our classic green tomatillo salsa, and Max Lesser’s small-batch lacto-fermented hot sauces in 3 distinct flavor profiles. There’s also Gimmedat’s incredibly refreshing and versatile escabeche (pickled onion, jalapeno, carrots, cauliflower, and chayote.)

Our raw provisions this week include whole free-range chickens, ora king salmon, and Peads and Barnetts’s chorizo.

For something sweet, we’re making cajeta flan. Cajeta is similar to dulce de leche but is made from slowly reduced goat's milk that gives it a subtle complexity so divine, that it’s in a class of things I remember tasting for the first time.

Finally, Jared Made cinnamon rolls are back! They come frozen and simply need to be proofed and baked at home, then drizzled with the accompanying side of cream cheese frosting.

This week’s farm box will include spring onions, avocado, fresh chilis, cilantro, and lime among other things that will help turn our prepared foods into your family’s feasts.