november 10th

We’re kicking it off with a Mediterranean menu that compliments this fleeting moment when the last vestiges of summer’s sun mingle with the crops that need shorter, cooler days.

Mel’s international house of spatchcockery is back with a whole, free-range organic chicken in yogurt marinade. Used for centuries, yogurt tenderizes the meat while it’s marinating, helps it retain moisture as it’s cooking, and produces a glistening golden skin when it’s done. 

We’ve got olive oil poached octopus that’s sous vide for 6 hours in a flavored olive oil bath. It’s tender, but retains just enough of it’s distinct bite. You can enjoy it as is or char it on the grill. To dress the octopus, pan seared branzino filets, or the lettuces, tomatoes or potatoes in the box, we’re excited to serve Jason Kim’s Greek vinaigrette, the first of many collaborations with Forage.

We also have our favorite style of chickpeas a la Canele. Cooked with warm spices, you can enjoy these chickpeas straight or you can quickly make a substantial stew with some farm box kale and roasted winter squash. (These also freeze well.)

To sauce your chicken, octopus,  branzino, vegetables or chickpeas, there’s zhoug, a pounded fresh, green chili and herb sauce that is a staple on most Yemeni tables and delicious on almost anything. 

We’ve canned a batch of shakshuka sauce so that it’s shelf stable and on hand whenever you want to make an impressive breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Bake some eggs in it, garnish it with Valbreso Feta and herbs, and serve it with crusty bread

You could use our shawarma spice mix to season grass-fed ground beef for lula style kabobs, rub on lamb or flavor roasted cauliflower or winter squash. 

For your pantry, or to help turn this all into an impressive Greek style mezze meal, we have marinated mixed olives and taramasalata, a fish roe spread that’s a staple in Sam’s fridge. And we’ll provide a recipe for whipped feta (among many other things), for you to smear on a plate beneath any of this week’s offerings or serve with other bits and bites and bread.

Speaking of bread, we are thrilled to now offer Roxana Jullapat’s standard-bearing sourdough boules. Roxana is the head baker and part owner of Friend’s and Family, and a champion of local sustainable grains. Her new book, Mother Grains, is a testament to her devotion and skill, as are her tangy, crusty loaves.

Finally, for something sweet, we’ve got walnut baklava from Baklava Factory, our local fave.