New Beginnings

Sam here—coming to you from chilly, rainy, beautiful Paris. It's fitting that this week's offerings are Jewish-themed since Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, is a celebration of new beginnings. Helping manage Farm to Curb’s operations from five thousand miles away, and nine hours ahead isn't always easy, but so far, we’ve made it work.

This Wednesday falls right on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, where we make amends, forgive others and ask them to forgive us. But while Yom Kippur is usually thought of as a day of fasting, we at Farm to Curb like to think of it as nestled between two very important Jewish dinners. The first is a sumptuous, multi-course meal that prepares us for the upcoming fast; the second is a reward for having fasted. Of course, you can enjoy these meals whether you fast or observe the holiday at all. 

So, here’s to new beginnings, along with classic recipes passed down from generations past. 

We’re offering a delicious chicken soup: rich bone broth, loaded with Mary's free range chicken and mirepoix. Heat and serve it as is, or add some noodles, matzoh-balls or rice.  

Mel is preparing classic braised brisket—which it would be a sin not to have with our horseradish crème fraîche. To serve alongside it, we have a mix of our favorite fresh roasted fall vegetables. You’ll want to make sandwiches with the leftover brisket, so pick up a baguette

For raw proteins, we have Niman ranch bone-in short ribs (delicious braised and served with our horseradish cream), whole free-range chicken, and beautiful trout to pan-sear, smoke, grill, or roast.

Traditionally, my break-fast dinner meal has always been Sunday-brunch fare…so we are excited to have Maury's bagels on hand, along with Mel's housemade whitefish salad and salmon roe for those who want to take it to the next level. 

We're also bringing back Mel's sous-vide salmon by popular demand—not only as a great addition to the "break-fast" meal, but it's also an easy and tasty prepared food that's ready to heat and serve at a moment's notice. And we thought her lemon vinaigrette, considered her best dressing by many, would be a perfect salad topper this week.

Because it’s our favorite breakfast treat, we’re offering loaves of Cake Monkey's chocolate babka. I'm also excited to share my own family’s very special honey cake, whose recipe has been kept secret for thousands of years… until now. I may be partial, but there's honestly nothing quite like it. To me, it says family and the celebration of loved ones. It's sweet and rich, --the Holidays couldn’t really be Holidays without it. Our friends at Proof are also making decadent date and walnut rugelach, that come four to a pack. And, for a sweet new year, dip the heirloom apples from your produce box into Energy Bee's local honey.

Lastly, because it’s a holiday, after all, we thought it only fitting to have Peads & Barnetts's fall flower bouquets this week!