Farm to Curb was created and continues to be driven by our interest in supporting food products, people, and practices we love and believe in. 

This week's theme is LAmericana, and I'll walk you through all the items, but first, the bread and the pies…

We're thrilled to introduce a collaboration with Proof Bakery in the form of a buttery brioche loaf. Na Young Ma opened Proof in 2010. I was working down the street at Canele and first fell in love with the croissants, then the sandwiches on their long stecca loaves, and then the chocolate espresso cake. I fell for Na Young when she took an interest in Farm to Curb and helped us find our current space. And it was then that I learned how she transitioned the bakery to a cooperative business model that is 100% worker-owned, an idea I've dreamt about for years. But back to the brioche loaf… You can toast it or french toast it, and we're also selling Nueske bacon, so you can make a BLT. We also have five year aged Hook's cheddar from Mineral Point, Wisconsin, so that you can build the ultimate grilled cheese. Or perhaps you want to make a breakfast sandwich with Peads and Barnetts's breakfast sausage and Schaner Farm's eggs and arugula.

We reached out to All Day Baby because they have a glorious mini banana cream pie with a layer of dulce de leche and the flakiest of crusts; that is a perfect way to end a meal with anything from this week's menu. This pie speaks for itself, but I want to talk about the women behind the pie. Thessa Diadem runs the pastry program at All Day Baby and was one of Food and Wine's Best New Chefs 2021. And Lien Ta, co-owner of All Day Baby and the recently reopened Here's Looking At You, is also the co-founder of RE:HER, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting women-owned food businesses.

As for the rest of our offerings... Our international house of spatchcock is marinating free-range chickens in cajun spices. Jason Kim of Forage is making us a batch of his creamy macaroni and cheese with breadcrumb topping, ready to go in the oven or freezer. To serve with either of these dishes, we're making a batch of vegan farmers' market collard greens that pack a little heat and a lot of flavor. And if you want to put up a pot of beans, we've got glorious, fresh, dried butter beans from Two Peas in a Pod. 

We're bringing back our shrimp étouffee. I'm not a southern food expert, but I know that anything Mel makes involving shrimp stock will have a depth of flavor that you'll want to get to know. Mel and I learned how to make shrimp stock from Corina Weibel at Canele. It's liquid gold. (And Corina is human gold.)

We've also got Niman Ranch St. Louis-style spare ribs, --we'll post a simple recipe, and to make it super easy, we even have a BBQ spice rub and sauce.

The box will also have all the vegetables (like Coleman's lettuces, Weiser's carrots, McGrath's cucumbers, and Wong's tomatoes) we want to dip or douse in ranch dressing, which we're selling by the pint.

And sticking with our LAmerican theme, we have Cake Monkey's decadent pecan bars with brown butter pecan pie filling on a shortbread crust and cocoa nibs on top.