Here we go again…. Mama Mia it’s hot as hell.

We’ve got lots of things to skewer and grill and keep the heat outdoors, so all you have to do is cut, toss and sauce stuff inside. Or simply arrange our spreads, salads and breads on a table and dip right in. It's a dreamy Greek feast and cool California mezze.

We’re preparing free range chicken breasts and tri-tip steaks in a Greek marinade, for you to skewer, grill and call souvlaki. We’re also getting cleaned, wild shrimp, easy to marinate, skewer and add to the mix. To sauce your kabob party, we’re making tzatziki with labneh, cucumbers, garlic and dill, but it would also be great on crisp crudites or grilled branzino, lamb chops or burgers made from Jimenez Family Farm’s ground lamb.We can’t go Greek without having some octopus, so Mel is making a braised octopus and bean salad dressed with a bright red wine vinaigrette. Make it the anchor of your meal or the star of your mezze. For eggplant lovers, Mel’s melitzanosalata (eggplant spread) is full of Schaner Farm’s globe eggplants, roasted and blended with lemon and olive oil. We’ve also got taramasalata, the classic fish roe spread, and marinated kefir cheese rolled into balls with either jalapenos or sundried tomatoes and packed in olive oil. All of this would be delicious spread on Bub and Grandma’s sesame loaf or jumbo baguette.Have you had halloumi, the Cypriot grilling cheese? This brick of sheep’s milk cheese is easy to slice and holds its shape even under high heat, developing a crisp golden crust. You can grill, bake or sear it. You can even cube and kabob it. Its salty, squeaky bite is perfect with blistered cherry tomatoes or juicy ripe stone fruits. But in my house, it’s often devoured straight out of the pan, before I can do anything with it.For your Greek salads, we’ve got inky kalamata olives, Valbreso’s sheep milk French feta, and a Greek vinaigrette to toss with the lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and red onion in this week’s produce box. Aris Natural Food in Inglewood, makes kefir-style strained yogurt which is particularly dense and creamy. Their plain yogurt can be turned into a sauce like tzatziki or sweetened to your liking. A mere spoonful of their lemon or fig yogurt can finish a meal on a sweet note. And for something even sweeter, we’ve got walnut baklava from Baklava Factory, a local baklava shop. From our friends at Forage, we’ve got a natural white wine from Kontozisis Organic Vineyards in the center of mainland Greece. Made with indigenous Malagousia grapes, its crisp sip is like cannon-balling into the Mediterranean.