C'est vraimant très bon

Sam, one of our Farm to Curb partners, is returning for a visit after flying her family to France for a year abroad.

Sam is a quick study and deep diver, guided by wide eyes and wonder. She’s also energized by changes and challenges, so it isn’t hard to imagine how she hit the Rue de Paris running. She’s popped into every fromagerie in her arrondissement, found her favorite buerre de barrate, compared baguettes (Classique and tradition) at the boulangeries, and now orders it “pas trop cuit.”  Her kids have fallen for steak frites and jambon-buerre sandwiches. So this week’s menu is inspired by Sam’s culinary adventures.

Long before Sam left for Paris, she would routinely ask Mel and me if it was the season for ratatouille. This summer, she went to the south of France and feasted on ratatouille and salad nicoise. Since the market is filled with eggplants, zucchini, tomatoes, and peppers, Mel is finally making a batch of ratatouille for her. And since it’s still summer in LA, we’re also getting more tins of Ortiz tuna and Nicoise olives to go with the potatoes and green beans in this week’s box so we can make a quick, cold salad nicoise. 


We thought we’d manifest the change in seasons by making coq au vin. These slow-cooked whole chicken legs simply need to be reheated in their braising liquid rich with red wine, mirepoix, mushrooms, and shallots. Serve them over smashed potatoes (that will be in the box) for a new family favorite.

We’re restocking Nueske’s slab bacon, which can be enjoyed in countless ways, but consider cutting it into lardons and adding some to your coq au vin or making a salad lyonnaise with frisée and poached or soft-boiled eggs.

For proteins, we’ve got Ora King Salmon, grass-fed hanger steaks, and whole, free-range chicken. And to help you turn a single ingredient into an impressive dish, we’re making our leek-mustard relish, inspired by Sam’s love for the classic French leeks vinaigrette. Just decide if you want it on your blanched green beans, boiled potatoes, roast salmon, or chicken.

We have mini Brillat-Savarins, cute 3.5 oz. buttons of soft-ripened, triple cream cow’s milk cheese from Burgundy. They have a soft blooming rind and luscious, creamy interior and are great on their own or with a sweet jam. We’re also getting little balls of Cypress Grove’s fresh chèvre to crumble into soft scrambled eggs, salad, or even the ratatouille. For your pantry, there are beluga lentils. I’m envisioning the lentils with salmon and leek vinaigrette or a salad of beluga lentils, roasted beets (from the box), and fresh chevre. 

So you can make your own jambon-buerre sandwiches; we’re thinly slicing some fine French jambon to sandwich in a Bubb and Grandma’s jumbo baguette with French butter and cornichons

Our friends at Proof are making and freezing Pâté à Choux. You bake them off and decide their destiny. This is the airy, tender pastry of cream puffs and eclairs. But you could also top them with parmesan, gruyère, and black pepper for cheesy gougères. Or fill them with a scoop of your favorite ice cream and drizzle our hot fudge, made with Strauss dairy and Valhrona chocolate, all over them for profiteroles. 

And to wash it all down, we are getting some more of Sam’s house rosé, Domaine de Fontsainte.