Gimmedat's chili crisp and kimchi are back!

So we built a menu around their return… some conduits for our favorite condiments.

Our sweet and tangy Korean-style gochujang chicken is a family favorite. We spatchcock and marinate it; you grill or roast it. Make it a meal with a pot of koshihikari rice and our marinated kale and cucumber salads, which are ready to eat. If you like kimchi, Gimmedat’s napa cabbage kimchis are really special, small-batch ferments. We’ll also provide a recipe for kimchi fried rice.

We’re restocking the freezer with handmade vegetable and pork xiao long bao (soup) dumplings from Hui Tou Xiang dumpling workshop in San Gabriel. Soup dumplings are traditionally served with Chinese black vinegar and ginger, but I dip my veggie dumplings in Gimmedat’s chili crisp.

We’ve got Woon’s Chinese-style chewy noodles from the Fong family’s homestyle Chinese noodle shop in Historic Filipinotown. These noodles come par-cooked and can be stir-fried, added to soups, blanched, and chilled for a peanut noodle salad or frozen for later. There will be scallions, bok choy, broccoli, and other vegetables in the produce box to add to a noodle stir fry. And, of course, you can garnish your noodles with more chili crisp.

Jason Kim from Forage is making a “no junk” teriyaki sauce to glaze your ora king salmon, Peads and Barnetts’ pork tenderloin, or Meiji tofu, handmade locally in small batches with non-GMO soybeans. We are offering their supreme tofu, which is silken and pudding-like, as well as their firm block tofu. And to dress up all your farm box vegetables, we’re making a carrot-ginger salad dressing. We also have more of Mel’s favorite tempura batter available if you have frozen shrimp in your freezer or want to batter and fry some of the farm box produce.

For something sweet, we worked hard last Wednesday tasting all the Cake Monkey treats we could manage. In the end, we all fell in love with their “li’l merri,” thin and lacy oatmeal cookies sandwiching a layer of maple buttercream. And we couldn’t resist the classic black & white cakewich, a mini chocolate cake sandwich filled with vanilla buttercream, coated in bittersweet chocolate.

To wash it all down, we’ve got a couple of organic wines from Small Town.