yuzu kosho vinaigrette

Yuzu kosho is relatively new to me. I got my first bottle of it a couple of weeks ago, and I made some spicy tuna maki with a bit of yuzu kosho in the tuna mix. Delicious. I also seared a tuna steak the next day and dressed it with a little yuzu, rice wine vinegar, mirin, and soy sauce combo.  Delicious. Aside from raw and cooked fish, I imagine it will be delicious rubbed on a rich piece of meat while it’s resting or incorporated into a marinade. (I saw a marinade for skirt or hanger steaks that consisted of beer, honey, fresh grated ginger, and yuzu kosho). I will definitely add it to a homemade aioli/mayonnaise someday (homemade because I think it will get too salty added to prepared mayonnaise). I bet it would be fine atop some avocado toasts. Rui also added that it’s great with fruit (think: Mexican lime, chili, salt combo), like mango or pineapple. Here is Mel’s yuzu kosho vinaigrette. I imagine it would be great on a salad with avocado, tuna, radishes and scallions. I think it could also be delicious on roasted carrots.

Mel’s yuzu kosho vinaigrette:
½ c rice vinegar
½ cup neutral oil
2 Tbs sugar
2-3 Tbs yuzukosho (depending on how spicy you like it)
Salt to balance