To make a really quick tzatziki… put a couple of cups of your richest yogurt or labneh in a bowl. You can use the Aris Natural Foods plain yogurt we sell. Using a microplane, grate a small garlic clove into the yogurt. Use the microplace for a couple of persian cucumbers as well (no need to peel them… they will peel themselves like a banana.) Finish it with lemon juice, olive oil and plenty of salt. You can also add dill, mint and/or parsley if you like.

When cucumbers aren’t in season, I make a radish tzatiki, which can have a lovely a lovely pink hue. Just substitute 3-4 radishes for the cucumber.

Tzatziki makes a great sauce for roast chicken, lamb chops, Lula kabobs, grilled fish, pita... and it's great served along side Greek salad.