how to cook ling cod

This mild, flaky white fish can be battered and fried and served as fish and chips or in a fish taco.
Here’s the
beer batter recipe Mel has been using recently.
You can also simply sear the fish on the stovetop. Dry the fish and season with salt and pepper. Add olive or neutral oil to a hot pan and then add your fish and let it cook undisturbed until it develops a golden-brown crust. Then flip the fish, turn the heat down, and cook until just cooked through. If you want… you can add a Tablespoon of butter to the hot pan right after you flip the fish and baste the fish with the hot butter. You do this by holding and tilting the pan with one hand so the butter pools and repeatedly spooning the hot butter over the fish with your other hand. This move isn’t necessary, but it gives the fish even golden color and delicious flavor.