chorizo and potatoes

I keep making potatoes and chorizo to stuff into the corn tortillas or top with fried eggs. And this is where I realize how intuitive my cooking is… I'm struggling to figure out how to tell you to make it. My chorizo and potatoes are different every time, depending on whether I've got leftover boiled potatoes I can crumble right into the pan with the cooked chorizo or raw potatoes I can dice and brown separately. So I found a "best way to do it" sort of recipe for you to refer to. I like the looks of the photos in this link, and I agree that you need to cook it longer than you think. I often use a whisk to break up the sausage into the finest crumbles. I usually add some diced onion once the chorizo is just cooked through (especially if I've got a half of an onion in my vegetable drawer threatening everything else in there). But most importantly, when you're ready to take it off the stove, push further. It will smell tempting, and people will grow impatient, but don't stop until it gets darker. Ideally, I want to have some creamy potato, some crispy potato, some juicy chorizo, and some caramelized chorizo crumbles in every bite.