The international house of spatchcock is back with a new lemongrass-ginger chicken. We spatchcock & marinate it, you grill or roast it. We’re also making homemade no “junk” sweet chili sauce and recommend brushing it on the chicken for a crispy skin. Make it a meal with Forage’s coconut rice studded with English peas, sugar snap peas, scallions, pea tendrils, and roasted peanuts; this rice can be served warm or cold. 

We’re making a couple of Thai coconut curry bases that you can eat as is or add the protein of your choice. Our green curry packs a little heat and comes with Thai eggplant. It would be great with some firm Meiji tofu added. Our yellow curry is mild and easy, loaded with potatoes and carrots. It’s family-friendly and vegan as is, and we’re selling boneless skinless, free-range chicken breasts to dice and add to either curry. 

To help you make your own Thai soups, we’re getting cans of coconut milk and Red Boat fish sauce and putting together special Thai aromatic kits containing kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, Galaga, limes, and Thai chilis. I’ll share Tom Kha and Tom Yum soup recipes that I learned at cooking school in Chiang Mai. And this week’s produce box will include the shallots, garlic, and cilantro you’ll need. We have free-range chicken breasts that you can add to your Tom Kha soup and wild shrimp for your Tom Yum. You're going to be surprised by how quick and easy it is to make your favorite Thai soup!

With hot weather coming, we have everything you need to make a cool Vietnamese chopped salad. The produce box will have crispy lettuce, purple radishes, carrots, green onions, cilantro, mint, and napa cabbage. Toss it with our Vietnamese-style Nuoc Chom dressing, and throw in some crispy fried shallots for texture. Serve it with this week’s shrimp, chicken, or Peads and Barnett’s pork tenderloin, all of which would be great grilled and dressed with the Nuoc Chom.  

It’s not southeast Asian, but our children are demanding we restock the freezer with handmade pork xiao long bao (soup) dumplings from Hui Tou Xiang dumpling workshop in San Gabriel. We’re also trying their Hong Kong-style shrimp and pork wontons, delicious slathered with Gimmedat’s chili crisp.

For something sweet, we’re excited to possibly introduce you to All Day Baby’s glorious purple yam coconut pie with camomile cream. This pie has a gorgeous color, silky texture, dreamy flavor, and flakiest crust. If you want to make your own dessert, get some heirloom black rice and coconut cream and we’ll provide a recipe for black rice pudding. 

To wash it all down, we finally have more of our favorite rosé, Dom de Fontsainte’s Gris de Gris, from our friends at Small Town.