This week we head to France… 

Mel is making coq au vin. These slow-cooked whole chicken legs just need to be reheated in their braising liquid rich with red wine, mirepoix, mushrooms, and shallots. Serve them over smashed potatoes (in the box.)

We’re restocking Nueske’s slab bacon, which can be enjoyed countless ways; consider cutting it into lardons and adding some to the coq au vin or making a salad lyonnaise with frisée (in the box) & poached or soft-boiled eggs.

Mel’s French onion soup is finally happening. Beef bone broth fortified with caramelized onions and cognac will warm your bones. And, of course, we’re getting Bubb and Grandma’s classic French baguettes so you can reheat the soup in an oven safe dish topped with croutons and a thick lid of melted gruyère. (We’ll also provide recipes for vegetable gratins featuring gruyère and items from the produce box.)

Since we have baguettes, we’ll of course have French jambon, cornichons and French butter for classic jambon-beurre sandwiches. If it’s pan bagnat you crave, we’ve got tins of our favorite Ortiz tuna and Nicoise olives to soak into your baguette. And there will also be radishes in the box for simple radish, butter and salt sandwiches.

We’re also getting little disks of Cypress Grove’s fresh chèvre to crumble into soft scrambled eggs, salad, or to serve with French lentils. For your pantry, there are green lentils du Puy from the Puy region of central France. Distinctly nutty, earthy, peppery and even minerally from the volcanic soil of the region. These lentils hold their shape well, making them the perfect choice for cold or warm salads to serve with salmon or sausages and leek-mustard relish or roasted beets (from the box) and fresh chèvre. 

For raw proteins, we’ve got Ora King Salmon, grass-fed hanger steaks, Peads and Barnetts’ salt and pepper sausages and whole, organic chickens. And to help you turn these single ingredients into an impressive dish, we’re making our leek-mustard relish, inspired by Sam’s love for the classic French leeks vinaigrette. Just decide if you want it on your fried eggs, boiled potatoes, salmon, chicken, sausages or ham. Or just put it on everything!

For something sweet, to crack open now or store in your pantry for later, we have jars of French cookie butter called speculoos. Imagine warm spiced gingersnaps in spreadable form to smear on a piece of baguette or eat by the spoonful. 

Finalement, la vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin, so we brought back our favorite house rosé... because life is too short not to drink it.