L’chaim, salud and santé!

We’re making and freezing little latkes for Hanukkah traditions, Christmas hors d'oeuvre, or New Year’s treats. And, of course, we have homemade creme fraiche and salmon roe to dress them up.

This week, for something to serve on our round cherry wood boards, we’ve got a couple of Sam’s favorite spreads: white fish salad with organic sourdough crackersbacon-wrapped dates, and Fourme d’Ambert, an earthy, raw cow’s milk blue cheese from Auvergne.

Our friends at Forage are making us a batch of velvety winter squash soup with porcini mushroom fit for holiday gatherings or cozy solo lunches. Grab a Bubb and Grandma’s jumbo baguette to dunk in and parmesan to grate on top.

For a Christmas feast or to freeze and have on hand for any special meal, We’ve got Mel’s porchetta, rolled and tied pork belly seasoned with salt, fennel, garlic, black pepper, orange zest, and chili flake, ready to roast, slice and delight. Delicious with broccolini (which will be in the box) and Calabrian chili vinaigrette.

We're excited to announce that Peads and Barnetts, our favorite regenerative pork and flower farm, has entered the beef market! They recently acquired retired organic Ayreshire and Holstein dairy cows (7-8 years old) to live at their ranch for a year "having a very low stress life, with a special diet of fermented whole crop barley and native grasses." The beef is dry aged for 30 days and is super marbled and deeply flavored. This week we’ll have their Osso Bucco-style beef shanks, which are great for braising (we’ll provide directions.) We also have whole organic chickens and ora king salmon, which I’m tempted to get two of and cure for sliced gravlax (we’ll provide directions.) 

And for special holiday mornings, we have generous loaves of Cake Monkey’s chocolate hazelnut babkas. This brioche loaf has a deep chocolate swirl and crunchy hazelnut brittle topping. It’s delicious fresh, or you can slice and freeze or french toast it. And what we all have been waiting for... Mel is making classic cinnamon buns that come frozen and simply need to be proofed and baked at home, then drizzled with the accompanying side of cream cheese frosting. We also have a fresh batch of frozen chocolate chip cookie logs for Santa, gifts, or any old winter break day.

‘Tis the season for bubbles, so we have a French crémant from Domaine la Bergerie (a sparkling white wine from the Loire produced by méthode champenoise) to accompany verbal and edible toasts.

Cheers to this community of friends and neighbors, growers and makers!