Halloween offerings 2022

With Halloween just around the corner, we’ve conjured up a menu that's dangerously gluttonous and magically delicious.

Growing up, there was always chili on the stove when there were trick-or-treaters at the door. So we’re making a hearty three-bean chili. Our version is vegan, but we’re also selling organic ground turkey, grass-fed ground beef, and Peads and Barnetts’ ground pork so that you can add the meat of your choice. Or, if you want to make your chili from scratch, we also have a chili bean mix of freshly dried, organic black turtle, cranberry, and cannellinis from one of our favorite local bean farms, Two Peas in a Pod. And to serve with your chili, we’ve got Mel’s cornbread mix for you to bake and five-year-aged Hook’s cheddar from Mineral Point, Wisconsin, to grate on top.

Are you familiar with the phenomenon known as Mississippi pot roast that has captured and clogged the hearts of much of America? I first tasted this concoction (cooked with dry ranch dressing mix and beef “au jus,” a stick of butter, and a jar of pepperoncini) from a crock pot in rural Michigan. It might seem grotesque, but it’s actually sublime. And Miss Mel’s version doesn’t have all the scary artificial ingredients, just shredded beef in decadent jus to sandwich in a bun or roll or serve over potatoes.

Perfect for potlucks, Mel is also making a big batch of buffalo chicken dip. No bones here, but everything else you want from wings in a dip. Heat and serve with bread, chips, or celery sticks (which will be in the box.) And our friends at Forage are making us a batch of their creamy macaroni and cheese with breadcrumb topping in packaging ready to go in the oven or freezer.

To serve with any of this week’s dishes, we’re making a batch of long-cooked market greens with kale and collards.

For weekend days spent carving pumpkins and creating costumes, we have frozen cheese and herb biscuits from Proof, our favorite employee-owned bakery. Bake and serve them just as they are, slather them with Coldwater Provisions’ organic, honey crisp apple butter, or get some Peads and Barnetts’s breakfast sausage or sliced Neuske bacon to make breakfast sandwiches.

No need for more desserts this week, so we’re sneaking in some “anytime” treats that have a deceptive reputation as being appropriate for breakfast. Cake Monkey’s mini pumpkin loaves are topped with a layer of spiced crumble and happen to be gluten free. Their pumpkin pop tarts are drizzled with icing that’s studded with sprinkles. Have one for breakfast if you dare, or freeze them for another day. And we are excited to offer Proof’s granola, one of Sam’s most missed LA foods!


Beware, and conscience be damned... You might hate how much you love this food.