december 1st

Channukah oh Channukah!

We’ve got braised beef brisket and housemade horseradish creme fraiche to go with it. The horseradish creme fraiche would also be great on latkes, as would some plain creme fraiche and salmon roe, or a slick of Jared Made’s apple butter. Jason Kim from Forage is making chicken soup loaded with chicken and mirepoix and ready for you to add noodles, rice or matzoh balls. We’re also making a batch of chicken liver pate. This isn’t your grandmother’s chopped liver, as it’s loaded with seared organic livers, neuske bacon and a bit of whiskey. It’s great smeared on a Bubb and Grandma’s jumbo baguette with a little parsley salad, dijon and cornichon... like the way we used to eat it at Canele. 

For Channukah treats we’ve got Jared Made milk and honey donuts: buttery yet airy brioche doughnuts filled with pastry cream lightened with chantilly and sweetened with local honey.

This week’s box will have potatoes and yellow onions if you want to make latkes at home, as well as vegetables to roast with your free range chicken, and a bunch of fine herbs that you can add to your chicken soup, garnish your latkes or add to a salad to have with your ora king salmon.