Back by popular demand, we bring you SAUCES, and things to serve them with. 

A great sauce can make a meal. And on a night when you’re too tired to concoct something new, or just bored with your same old dinner routine and repertoire, a good sauce is a game changer. Packed with flavor, a jar of special sauce in your pantry, fridge or freezer is an ace in your back pocket.

We’ve built the menu around a few of our favorite sauces. Some you should eat within a few days, some you can freeze, and some you can leave on your shelf for months. (In other words… you can get all of them!

We’ve also got proteins, veggies and starches to turn each sauce into a substantial meal. And, of course, we’ll guide you along the way so you can sit down to a fantastic meal that you prepared, but didn’t labor over. 

PERUVIAN MARINADE & AJI VERDE (eat within the week)

This anticucho marinade and green dipping sauce duo will turn your produce box veggies or steaks into something new and exciting. (Just check out the ingredient list in the item description.) These two sauces are traditionally used to make a dish with skewered beef hearts, but you can marinate our grass fed hanger steaks. Leave the steaks whole, cube and skewer, pan sear or grill them, and serve with the accompanying "Peruvian green sauce" (dollop or dip). The marinade is also great on vegetables destined to be grilled, roast chicken and boiled potatoes.

GREEN ENCHILADA SAUCE (jarred & shelf-stable)

We have natural yellow corn or flour tortillas from Tehachapi Grain Project to stuff, roll and smother in this mild green sauce. Shred free-range boneless, skinless chicken breasts to make chicken enchiladas. Simmer shrimp or braise free range chicken thighs in this sauce to make guisado style tacos. Bake eggs in it for huevos rancheros and spoon some over avocado slices.

TIKKA MASALA SAUCE (heat & serve or freeze)

This creamy, sensibly spiced, tomato curry base is an Indian standard and Farm to Curb family favorite. Add a can of chickpeas, cauliflower and/or cubed free range boneless, skinless chicken breasts, simmer and serve over rice. 

BOLOGNESE (heat & serve or freeze)

Stock your freezer with our popular grass fed beef and pork bolognese. Serve it with Rustichella’s jumbo shell pasta. We’re also getting more of our favorite ricotta and burrata from Gioia Cheese Company in South El Monte so you can build baked pasta dishes with the ricotta or gild the bolognese lily with some burrata. Of course you can also serve your burrata with roasted vegetables or cherry tomatoes from the produce box.

THAI-STYLE YELLOW COCONUT CURRY (heat & serve or freeze)

Jason Kim from Forage, who is making this simmer sauce, calls this a “kitchen sink curry,” because you can throw anything yummy into it: including our boneless skinless, free-range chicken breasts and/or vegetables from the produce box. Serve it over rice. It packs a little heat, and a ton of flavor. And it can be frozen!

PESTO (eat within the week)

A sauce you don’t even have to heat. Of course you can add it to pasta, or make baked shells or a pesto lasagna with some Gioia Cheese Company’s fresh ricotta, but you can also layer it in sandwiches, fold it into soft scrambled eggs, spread it on wild swordfish, Ora King salmon, grass fed hanger steaks or free range chicken breasts

LEMON VINAIGRETTE  (eat within a week or so)

Hands down one of our best and most versatile dressings. Created for All Time restaurant when Mel was the chef, this classic, bright and lemony dressing is great on lettuces and avocado as well as grilled veggies, shrimp, wild swordfish, Ora King salmon or free range chicken breasts.


A couple of our favorite dessert sauces/spreads to enhance bread, ice cream, fruit or for those late night spoonfuls…