Welcome to cherry season. It’s here, and it’s fleeting. I can’t help myself from eating cherries out of hand until I’m sick to my stomach. And I won’t stop until the short and sweet cherry season is over. Maybe then I won't miss them when they’re gone? So bring on the cherries, with a basket of Murray’s organic cherries in every produce box this week. Our menu begins with things we want to eat with them, veers toward France, and deliberately includes some family favorites that freeze well (so you’re prepared for our summer hiatus!)

Cherries and soft-ripened cheese are an easy way to make the most of the moment. So we have mini Brillat-Savarins, cute 3.5 oz. buttons of triple cream cow’s milk cheese from Burgundy. Spread this luscious, creamy cheese on a Bub and Grandma’s baguette. You could even serve it all on our custom-made cutting boards from Would Works, a local social enterprise that trains and employs people experiencing homelessness or extreme poverty in the craft of woodworking. 

We also love cherries with Mel’s duck confit, which is salt-cured and gently cooked in duck fat for hours. All you need to do is reheat it. If you crisp the skin, even better. We’ll walk you through a couple different ways to serve it, including a salad with shredded duck confit, shallots, bitter greens, and bright cherries. The duck also freezes well and is great with summer’s stone fruits.

Back by popular demand is our boeuf bourguignon… tender, winey prime beef with roasted mushrooms and bacon lardons. Mash some of the potatoes from the produce box, and dinner is served, or freeze it for another day.

And for raw provisions that easily swing Parisian, we have Ora King Salmon, whole organic chickens, and grass-fed hangers, our favorite bistro steak. We’re also restocking Nueske’s slab bacon, which can be enjoyed in countless ways, but consider cutting it into lardons and making a salad lyonnaise with frisée (which will be in the produce box) and poached or soft-boiled eggs.

Our friends at Forage are making us another batch of beluga lentils. These black beauties can be eaten as is or used to dress up any meal. Add roasted beets, carrots, and herbs from the box, and/or serve them with the duck confit or salmon. Mel’s pickled red cabbage is great mixed with the beluga lentils, garnishing grain bowls and duck confit or adding crunch to sandwiches. And we’re getting disks of Cypress Grove’s fresh chèvre to crumble over the lentils and cabbage, add to soft scrambled eggs, or serve on your cheese board with cherries.

Before school’s out for summer, some lucky kids can have jambon-buerre sandwiches with our thinly sliced fine French jambon, Bubb and Grandma’s baguette, French butter, and cornichons

And to stock our pantries for summer, we’re getting more tins of Ortiz tuna and Nicoise olives so we can make a quick, cold salad nicoise (or tapenade for your salmon or steaks.)

For something sweet, our friends at Proof are making and freezing Pâté à Choux. Fill them with a scoop of creme fraiche gelato from Pazzo and drizzle hot fudge or caramel, and bam,  profiteroles for the win. 

If you live on the east side, you probably know and appreciate Pazzo Gelato. You should also know that after 17 years on Sunset, their days are numbered since a national ice cream chain moved in next door. Don’t take what you love about your neighborhood for granted. Buy local and be vocal.