After the fussy feat of pulling off that filling feast, we all want something simple and easy and full of far-away flavors. So here are some of our favorite Asian comfort foods….

We’ve been loving Kenchan ramen kits from the Atwater farmer’s market. We find this version of the ultimate Japanese comfort food perfectly easy (kits come frozen, and all you need to do is cook the noodles, whisk hot water into the broth concentrate and assemble) yet impressively authentic. So we’re excited to introduce our three favorite varieties: traditional tonkatsu, spicy miso, and vegan ginger garlic shio. There will be scallions in the box for garnish, and if you like an egg in your ramen, we’ll provide a recipe for tare, a soy-based seasoning sauce that can be used to marinate peeled soft-boiled eggs. 

Perhaps even easier than ramen kits is Sonoko Sakai’s miso vegetable soup. Sonoko packs mason jars full of fresh vegetables, yam noodles, and organic miso, and all you need to do is add boiling water and stir. Enjoy it as is, or add Meiji tofu, handmade locally in small batches with non-GMO soybeans. We are offering their silken and pudding-like supreme tofu and their firm block tofu. 

For something ready to heat and serve, Mel’s making a batch of homestyle Asian beef stew with brisket, carrots, potatoes, and shitake mushrooms in a broth rich with soy, ginger, and garlic. Serve it over rice, with some produce box greens on the side, and family dinner is made. 

If you have the energy to do a bit more in the kitchen (and feel free to take all the credit), we have Sonoko’s Japanese curry brick for you to turn into curry with vegetables from the produce box, frozen wild shrimp, or free-range chicken breasts. And what many of you have been asking for…. make Mel’s International House of Spatchcock is back with our Korean-style gochujang chicken. We spatchcock and marinate it, and you grill or roast it. It’s a bold, sweet and tangy family favorite. Make it a meal with a pot of koshihikari rice and some of Sonoko’s water kimchi, a mix of pickled vegetables in a mild brine with shio-koji and rice vinegar that’s so refreshing and light you might eat the entire jar and drink the brine in one sitting.

Whenever we have koshihikari rice, we love offering ora king salmon and salmon roe to serve on top of it. And if our menu leans Japanese, we all want carrot-ginger salad dressing to dress or dip your farm box vegetables.

For something to snack on in the car on your way home from picking up your farm box stuff, as a late-night snack, or with a fried egg added for a breakfast treat, we’ve got Mel’s kimchi, ham & cheese buns.

And for something sweet, we have Sonoko’s frozen cookie dough logs to compliment your Asian-inspired meal or improve any other winter day. Stock up on some cookies for Santa, gifts, or spoiled children.